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Global Connector Research Group, Inc., d.b.a. Fleck Research, has provided the common ground in which the electronic connector industry has taken root. As the core of industry knowledge, Fleck has provided an information bridge between industry leaders whose collaborations have profoundly affected the technology of worldwide business today; thus, Fleck Research is central to the industry's growth.

Global Connector Research Group (GCRG) is well known in the interconnect segment primarily as Fleck Research due to the division's high involvement in the industry. Fleck Research, along with the other subsidiaries (Global Connections and Global Conventions), is recognized as the worldwide leader in information technology as well as market and business intelligence focusing on the demand and supply side of the interconnect industry of connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes and interconnect devices. Since its inception, GCRG and its subsidiary companies have expanded to include mergers, acquisitions and other interconnect related activities.

Today's high-tech companies operate in a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace. To keep pace, companies are focusing on acquiring inside information which enables them to stay on top of the trends and technologies that shape the market. With a hand in every segment of the industry, Fleck Research enables companies to increase their competitive advantage through the vast range of services offered.

the research division, focuses on providing detailed and accurate interconnect industry information on connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes and interconnect products to manufacturers, distributors, OEMs and raw material suppliers.

the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) division, provides discreet and professional industry introductions to clients interested in possible mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, product line divestiture, private labeling, product and technology licensing, sourcing, capital investments, paths-to-market, due diligence, business plans and business market analysis.

provides a number of annual conferences and workshops related to the connector, cable assembly, backplane and related industries. Chief among these is the Fleck Connection Congress (FCC), the only technological management conference of its kind and the eminent annual global summit meeting for senior executives of manufacturers, OEMS, distributors and raw material suppliers. Other conferences and seminars, which emphasize new technologies and market trends, are also held.