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Global Connector Research Group's client base is comprised of leading worldwide interconnect manufacturers, distributors, OEMS, raw material suppliers and financial institutions.

We custom fit your needs.

Connectors can be found everywhere, from manufacturing and distribution to the entire range of electronics applications. So whether your company is an interconnect supplier — such as Tyco, FCI or Molex — or an end user such as IBM or Motorola, Global Connector Research Group has strengthened their ability to serve the diverse needs of their clients by aligning the services around all segments of the industry.

Fleck Research continues to confront the industry's perpetual demand for industry information through expanding their breadth of services. Providing customized solutions to help their clients' businesses grow, Fleck Research — along with Global Connections and Global Conventions — strives to remain the leading source of information for the interconnect industry.

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  Component Manufacturers

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