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The Global Conventions Division coordinates and presents numerous workshops and conferences internationally and throughout the year, designed to focus on the impact of technology and market trends on the connector, cable assembly, backplane and interconnect industries.

The Fleck Connection Congress (FCC) is the only technological management conference of its kind and has become the eminent annual global summit meeting for senior executives and top-level strategists of manufacturers, suppliers, OEMS, distributors and contract manufacturers involved in connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes and interconnect devices. The FCC provides a forum where industry leaders are able to broaden their knowledge of the industry as well as network with other executives in order to construct their long-term strategies.

The Fleck Distribution Congress (FDC) provides information on distributor point-of-sale by product type, distributor inventory turns, gross profit margins and geographic region breakdowns. Also discussed are the strengths, weaknesses and business strategies of leading connector manufacturers. Attendees obtain information on where connectors and cable assemblies are utilized as well as path-to-market analysis and globalization.

The Fleck Materials Conference (FMC) provides industry information to materials and connector specifier of connector manufacturers and OEMS. Attendees include stampers, molders, platers, resin manufacturers, metals manufacturers, engineers on the edge of materials technology, and other raw material suppliers. Topics covered at this convention include technological and market trends affecting metals, plastics and contact platings used in connector manufacturing and changes in materials requirements.

Various workshops are held throughout the United States., Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim/Asia focusing on pressing technology topics, and select on-site presentations to OEMs and suppliers are conducted as well.

On-Site Presentations.
Select on-site presentations to OEMs and suppliers are tailored to address the clients' specific needs.