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To remain the leading source of information for the interconnect industry. Global Connector Research Group strives to expand research efforts to include areas synergistic with the industry, strengthen their positions as the merger and acquisition leader in the interconnect segment of the electronics industry — specifically connector, cable assemblies and backplanes — and better serve our clients around the world by expanding our subsidiaries to include France, Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan and South America.

GCRG's main objective is the preservation of their relationship with their clients by providing products and services of unparalleled quality. With the client's best interest in mind, GCRG continues to adhere to their policy of "absolute commitment to quality, accuracy and confidentiality" in all business ventures, and is dedicated to uphold this philosophy in meeting the diverse needs of the electronics industry.

GCRG serves as the gateway between clients and valuable technological and market information, providing vital industry exposure, presence and contacts.

As the premier source of industry information GCRG's foundation is built upon decades of providing its clients with refined methods to improve their business.