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Global Connector Research Group's leadership in the electronic connector industry is rooted in the philosophy of the founder, who believes that the industry requires an information hub with a commitment to the collective growth of all the sectors contained in it. The wisdom of this concept is apparent in the industry leaders' continued reliance on Fleck's research expertise as well as its diversification of GCRG's role in the connector community.

The brains behind the work.
Through its staff, Fleck Research brings to the industry global service and support of unparalleled quality. With over 50 years of experience in the interconnect field, over 30 years of experience in semiconductors and over 20 years in manufacturing processes, Fleck's staff has gained the confidence of companies all over the world.

The company has two research and branch offices (Santa Ana, CA. and Seoul, Korea), and is comprised of experts in the fields of electronics, engineering, market research, international business, semiconductors and computers as well as support teams for computer programming, graphic design, public relations, word processing, finance and administration.

The senior staff at GCRG has held various executive positions in numerous high-tech companies. The staff's deeply rooted presence within the electronics industry has culminated in their extensive relationships with industry leaders. This rich pool of human resources keeps Fleck central to industry activity and ensures the company's continuous success.

Monalisa Berbey
President & CEO