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Seminar Specifically Designed for Distributors Who Resale Connectors and Cable Assemblies . . .

The Fleck Distributor Congress was held on May 15, 1998 at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. FDC is a market review of the connector, cable assembly and backplane industry tailored to the interconnect distributor. Industry demand continues to be strong for electronic components, computer systems and peripherals. Distributors continue to capitalize on the industry's insatiable appetite for these electronic components, with forecasts indicating continued growth. As technological trends continue to change at a rapid pace, any distributor in the interconnect industry needs to know how those changes could affect their business.

As a distributor involved in the interconnect industry, FDC will provide you with information needed to strategically plan the future course of your business.

The half-day seminar was focus exclusively on those issues of the highest interest and importance to the interconnect distributor, including:

  • Where connectors and cable assemblies are used, including the over 140 types of equipment utilizing interconnect products; i.e., datacom equipment such as LANs, mainframe networks, hubs, switches, routers, etc.
  • Strengths, weaknesses and business strategies of leading connector manufacturers. Impact of technological trends on distribution in 1998 and beyond, covering demand sectors of computers, telecom, communications, datacom, consumer, automotive, military and more.
  • In-depth market analysis, including DTAM in North America by product type; rankings of connector distributors; POS, inventory turns and GPM; and connector point-of-sale by geographic region/state.
  • Path-to-market analysis, including where the customer buys product (OEM direct from connector factory, contract manufacturer, distributor or imports).
  • Importance of globalization, with visibility on Europe, the Pacific Rim and Japan.