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Specifically for Distributors and Manufacturers
of Connectors - Cable Assemblies - Backplanes -
Other Interconnect Devices

The FDC provides an industry market review tailored to
benefit the Electronic Distributor.

This half-day seminar focused on those business, product and technology issues impacting Distribution, including:
  • In-depth market analysis of the over $3 billion DTAM in North America by product type; rankings of connector distributors; POS, inventory turns and GPM; and connector point-of-sale by geographic region/state.

  • Where connectors and cable assemblies are used, including the over 140 types of equipment utilizing connectors (e.g., Datacom Equipment such as LAN, WAN, mainframe and campus networks, hubs, switches, and routers; and Computer Equipment such as desktops, notebooks, hand-held, workstations, multi-user machines, disk drives, monitors, printers, and peripheral devices).

  • Path-to-market analysis, including where customers buy product (OEM direct, CEMs, distribution, export).

  • Business issues facing Distribution (e.g., accelerated use of CEMs, price erosion, industry consolitation).

  • Strengths, weaknesses and business strategies of leading connector manufacturers.

  • Impact of electronic technological trends upon connectors and distribution in 1999 and beyond (e.g., connectors facing obsolescence, new connector designs with high-growth).

  • Five-year forecast for connector DTAM, segmented by demand sector (e.g., Computers, Telecom, Communi- cations, Datacom, Consumer, Automotive, Military, Commercial Aircraft, Industrial and Medical).

  • Globalization trends, with visibility on Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim (and the impact of the $6 billion market in Mainland China