Dec 4-5, 2014
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Fleck Research

Global Connector Research Group

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Attend the only conference designed to provide key intelligence to Interconnect Industry Senior Executives and other important decision-makers. In the FCC audience are representatives from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and leading OEMs involved with connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes, and other related devices.

Now in its 25th year, the FCC affords the opportunity to gather and communicate issues affecting the industry in the U.S. as well as worldwide. Interact with recognized industry leaders who will present the most up-to-date information on the business environment (including technology, the market, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, finance, mergers & acquisitions) in demand sectors such as computer, consumer electronics, military / aerospace, datacom, automotive, industrial, medical, etc.

What are the driving forces impacting connectors?

*      Fine Pitch

*      High Bandwidth / High Speed

*      Smart Phones / Tablets

*      4G / LTE

*      Medical

*      Auto Electronics / Infotainment

*      Green Energy / Solar / Wind

*      Next Gen Military

*      SSD

*      Serial Interfaces

*      China

*      Emerging Markets


Find Out!

- How are economic conditions and the global economy affecting the industry?

- How are companies dealing with continuous manufacturing shifts to other regions of the world?

- What is the impact to our consumption of interconnects locally?


Topics to be covered at the Fleck Connection Congress:
Connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes, and interconnect devices were negative in 2013.

Economic impact on the industry.

Details on what happened in 2013? -- including semi conductors, cell handsets, base stations, PC's, consumer electronic devices, etc.

Performance in 2013 -- regions of world (North America, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia) -- leading manufacturers -- driving forces for 2013 through 2018 -- exchange rates -- transfer of products to China -- price erosion and future expectations.

Forecast for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Impact of raw material prices.

Trends to EMS, ODM and OBM, and impact on manufacturers' customer account base.

Hot spots in 2014 -- high bandwidth / high speed -- serial -- fine pitch -- medical -- auto electronics -- fiber optic -- harsh environment -- mil / aero.

Consumption compared to production -- imports -- exports -- distributor POS -- retail POS.

Analysis of market sectors including computer, telecom, wireless communication, datacom, military / aerospace, automotive, consumer, instrument, commercial aircraft / satellite, medical, industrial, and homeland security.

Overview of 2,400 product design types -- printed circuit -- I/O -- circular -- RF -- automotive -- IC sockets -- fiber optic -- backplanes -- cable assemblies.

Analysis of countries of the world including US, Germany, France, UK, Benelux, Spain, Switzerland, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, India, Middle East, Southern Europe, Africa, etc.

Packaging trends -- wafer-level packaging -- 3D packaging -- higher signal frequencies -- wider bandwidth-- Flip Chip -- packaging trends (PoP, SiP, SOP, among others) -- industry driving forces.

Vertical Integration -- manufacturers proceeding with vertical integration -- fiber optic pre-wired shelves / panels / racks -- backplane systems / racks -- auto subsystems -- co-fired ceramics -- smart card modules -- cross connect racks / panels / bays -- copper pre-wired racks / box build, devices, etc.

COTS and ROHS versus today's military and aerospace requirements for wire and cable, as well as the impact it has on the connector.

Distributors -- worldwide -- distributors by region of world.

How is the industry being impacted by increased environment awareness and alternative energy sources and the equipment required to support solar power (panels, junction boxes, cable connectors), wind power, hybrid vehicles, etc.

Hot trends including LTE, smart devices, tablets, high definition, SuperSpeed USB, fiber to the home, etc.

The only conference designed for the Interconnect Industry Executive


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Also visit our website for other services and available reports. These reports include key statistics on the connector, cable assembly, and backplane industry within North America and worldwide, looking forward to 2013, and five year forecasts to 2018.

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