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Establishing a Presence in Asia?

What Fleck Research Can Do in Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia

1.  Companies desiring to set up manufacturing facilities within the territories to manufacture products for the industry.
2. Coordinates the U.S. client during all phases of the startup of the manufacturing operations in the territories and provides advice to the client in all aspects, including:
    Coordination with local and federal government
  Introductions to government officers
  Land cost
  Land usage fee
  Enterprise management fee
  License fee of land
  Fire department management fee
  Construction application fee
  Construction filing deposit
  Land quality planning fee
  Project setup fee
  Public safety fee
  Labor management fee (urban and suburban areas)
  Worker insurance fee
  Labor tracking service fee
  Labor contract fee
  Temporary lodging fee
  Worker birth control planning fee
3. Companies joint ventures with companies in these territories for the purpose of producing products for the industry in the region.
4. Companies seeking private label sources with companies in these territories for the purpose of obtaining specific products for the industry.
5. Companies seeking to acquire companies in the territories for the purpose of producing in the territories for the industry.
6. Introduce companies to local Asian OEM customers accounts.
7. Intercede behalf of companies to resolve problems related to current manufacturing operations in the region, or joint ventures with these companies, or private label contracts with the companies.
8. Raising capital for the purpose of investment in enterprises.