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Fleck Component Sourcing Solutions

In the sourcing side of our business, the Fleck Research goal is to lower our clients' total manufacturing costs; thus, we focus on savings in the purchase of components, parts and raw material, and for each client, we also assess available OEM contract manufacturing options.

We understand that the OEM industry, driven by changing market demands, is looking for flexible manufacturing options such as overflow capacity and shifting of production locations.

Looking For Lower Manufacturing Costs?

  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Product Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Benchmark Pricing
  • Vendor Qualification and Selection

Lower component costs and the use of more efficient procurement processes can reduce manufacturing expenses, lower capital investments, shorten cycle time to market, improve inventory management, and — by lowering the cost of these business expenses — increase overall profits.

Looking For Lower Procurement Costs?
  • Contact Metals
  • Plating Finishing
  • Bill of Material Analysis
  • Material Handling

Fleck Research helps OEMs identify suitable suppliers

For OEMs, we coordinate and initiate contacts with not only suppliers for the purchase of all types of electronics, including passive and active components (such as connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes, switches, relays, power cords, etc.) and semiconductors; but also with raw material suppliers for the purchase of metals such as beryllium copper and phosphor bronze (for use in connector contact pins), and polymer resins such as PBT, LCP, Nylon and others (for use in insulators and shells).

Modify Production Capacity on Demand

  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Production Location
  • Offshore Expertise
  • Overflow Capacity

During nearly 20 years of extensive research within the electronic connector industry and related electronics industry, Fleck Research has developed relationships with numerous industry firms, including suppliers of components and raw materials.

For more information on how Fleck Research component sourcing services can help your business, please give us a call at 714-953-9000 or fax your inquiry to 714-953-5053.