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Building partnerships.
The Global Connections Division focuses on providing discreet and comprehensive industry introductions to clients interested in possible mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, product line divestiture, private label, export, path-to-market, sourcing, technology licensing, due diligence, business plan and business market analysis.

Solutions to improve your business.
The Global Connections Division also provides services for companies entering unfamiliar territories and/or companies who seek assistance in expanding, improving, or restructuring their infrastructure. These include:
  • Identify promising market segments
  • Reach global market sectors
  • Expand horizontally
  • Divest a product line
  • Compare manufacturing processes
  • Pool complementary resources
  • Pursue entirely new businesses
  • Auditing any business area (management, engineering, quality, etc.)

These services are provided to companies involved in the manufacture of connectors, cable assemblies, backplanes and interconnect devices, as well as other electronic components such as microwave switches, attenuators, filters, amplifiers, desktop video conference systems, LCD monitors, enclosures, relays, panels, probes, power supplies, memory package technologies (such as DRAM, SRAM and flash), mass storage devices, wire and cable, boxes, board assemblies, modems, hubs, and semiconductors.

During the past two decades, the Global Connections Division has been involved in nearly every merger, acquisition and strategic alliance with the major leaders in the industry. Providing the crucial contacts required with decision makers and financial backers, this division offers the speed and efficiency in the introductions of companies to potential candidates within the electronics, interconnect and semiconductor industries.